HTML Articles

I am not an HTML expert, nor do I build web sites with HTML.  However, I am proficient in the basic HTML to lay out a text article if it’s being uploaded with some type of FTP or content management system.  Normally, the article would be delivered to the buyer as a text file, example… Read More HTML Articles

Water Rights in New Mexico, the online version of the upscale magazine of the same name, commissioned me to write a piece about water rights in New Mexico.  It involved my own knowledge, research and an interview with a water rights attorney. Water Rights Article Link.

Real Estate Investing Articles for Print and Web

Dean Graziosi, a real estate investment guru,  has been working with investors for many years.  He has multiple books and websites with detailed information about buying and selling real estate as an investment.  I have written some background articles for his organization.  I don’t know where they ended up, but here are some excerpts: It’s… Read More Real Estate Investing Articles for Print and Web