Grandiloquence Journal: Graphospasm

Graphospasm:  this is just writer’s cramp. In today’s world, we get more of carpal tunnel I think, but I like this word for complaining when I write a lot on the keyboard. Get this word and many more in The Guilded Tongue Advertisements

Grandiloquence Journal

Grandiloquence:  pompous or bombastic speech or expression This is the first of a series of great words that you’ll almost never hear spoken.  That’s because they’re grandiloquent in nature and few people have ever heard them, much less have any idea what they mean.  It’s fun for word lovers though. Get this word and many… Read More Grandiloquence Journal

Ghost Writing Book Projects

I’ve been busy since the first week of February in writing four books as ghost writer.  They are real estate investing and Internet marketing books. It’s hard work to create 25,000+ words/week, but it keeps the doors open!  If you’re looking for fast quality writing of marketing or business books on any topic, email me.