Charges & Billing

The majority of my writing projects are compensated at a per-word rate.  Some, those with heavy research or formatting requirements, are billed at an hourly rate.

My rate per word varies.  I’m unable to give a quote until I know the subject matter and can estimate how much research I’ll need to do.  I highly value long-term clients who give me steady work, and will discount for that situation.  Send me an email with your project ideas, or call me at 575-770-2894 to discuss your needs.  Afternoons CST are better, as I write mostly in the mornings and may not answer the phone, requiring a message.

I bill through PayPal, sending email invoices that allow you to pay with PayPal if you choose, or all major credit cards.  My terms are “due on receipt,” but mailing checks is also OK.  I never require payment until you’ve accepted the work, but normally bill immediately after delivery.  Files are delivered as attachments to an email or via an online file share folder for larger files.  So, if you require edits, please contact me right away while the material is fresh.

Special Billing Procedure for Books

Ghostwriting book projects are billed a bit differently for new clients.  The first two or three chapters of a book are slower, as we’re getting to know each other and making sure the “voice” and tone of the material is to your satisfaction.  I normally will take a deposit for the first 5,000 words, then begin work.  After we’re underway, I bill in either 5,000 or 10,000-word increments in advance of delivery.  The increment is up to you, as some want fewer invoices, and I work fast.

The more you can tell me in advance about what you envision for a final product, the less we’ll have to adjust in the first few chapters before we hit our stride.  On topics not requiring extensive research, I can normally deliver between 5k and 10k words per week.

I maintain an ongoing book project spreadsheet with word count, image count, and approximate page count at the format chosen.  The spreadsheet is updated and delivered with each content delivery.  Images are legally licensed from a stock image site and purchased for each project and not used in others (legal for me to do so, but don’t want my clients hassled later).  To make billing easier, I equate each image to 75 words.  Thus everything is converted to word count.  As an example, if the rate is $0.10/word, the image would be charged at $7.50.