Great Bluetooth Keyboard for Android


Actually, the Logitech K480 works with the iPhone as well.  I was using an Apple keyboard with my Samsung Note 3, but it began to act erratically, so I went to BestBuy and found this Logitech K480.

I’ve always liked Logitech products, especially their wireless and bluetooth mice.  This keyboard is no exception.  It was a fast setup and functions perfectly.  I’m writing post using it now with my Note 3 propped in the slot.

Cover Article for Washington Gas Magazine

Jim Kimmons Articles Washington Gas Magazine
Jim Kimmons Articles Washington Gas Magazine

“Energy of the City” is a magazine published by Washington Gas, a natural gas utility serving more than one million customers in the Northeast.  I appreciated the opportunity to write for their Spring Issue, released in June, 2010.

One article is a cover feature, “Top Reasons to Remodel,” and the other was “Change Your Focus When Looking for a New Home.”  I’ve taken the cover and the articles and placed them in this PDF, as this is a really nice magazine with some wonderful images as well.