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Great Bluetooth Keyboard for Android


Actually, the Logitech K480 works with the iPhone as well.  I was using an Apple keyboard with my Samsung Note 3, but it began to act erratically, so I went to BestBuy and found this Logitech K480.

I’ve always liked Logitech products, especially their wireless and bluetooth mice.  This keyboard is no exception.  It was a fast setup and functions perfectly.  I’m writing post using it now with my Note 3 propped in the slot.

Cover Article for Washington Gas Magazine

Jim Kimmons Articles Washington Gas Magazine
Jim Kimmons Articles Washington Gas Magazine

“Energy of the City” is a magazine published by Washington Gas, a natural gas utility serving more than one million customers in the Northeast.  I appreciated the opportunity to write for their Spring Issue, released in June, 2010.

One article is a cover feature, “Top Reasons to Remodel,” and the other was “Change Your Focus When Looking for a New Home.”  I’ve taken the cover and the articles and placed them in this PDF, as this is a really nice magazine with some wonderful images as well.

Helping Real Estate Professionals With Technology

I recently retired a complete website focused on explaining what services I can offer to help you to use technology, the Internet and blogging to run your business and market for yourself and clients.  It’s now down to the information on this one page.  Why?

  • Technology is changing by the hour
  • Your needs vary, and can be very different from those of any other Realtor
  • I can help you with virtually any technology-related problem, or I can send you to the right place to get help
  • I will consult with you for a half hour or so at no cost to determine where your tech and Internet answers are located

What kind of technology and Internet problems and solutions are we talking about?

  • Websites for real estate agents and brokers
  • Blogging and using a blog as an excellent and only web presence
  • Locating free or low cost technology solutions for business management and real estate marketing
  • Intranets and database management
  • Lead control and lead management
  • Listings management
  • Contact and prospect management solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization – White Hat Only
  • Adwords and Pay Per Click marketing
  • Content creation – I write for real estate professionals around the world

I get no affiliate commissions or referral income from products or services I recommend.

Consulting Rate is $80 per hour, discounts for up-front block purchases

First phone call is free, so get your questions together and call me!


Email:  Jim Kimmons