Contractor in the HVAC Industry – Writer and Lecturer

As the innovator and copyright holder for the original Callahan/Roach Flat Rate Pricing system for HVAC, heating ventilation and air conditioning, service contractors, I lectured on quality service, pricing and flat rating service repairs.  HVAC and plumbing contractors, more than 3000 of them, were using the flat rate pricing system all around the country.

In order to produce this database of more than 20,000 repair scenarios, I brought my own service and contracting experience to the table, as well as a staff of repair people and national sales persons.  I wrote for national periodicals, though this was more than seven years ago, so I’m not placing examples here.

Having been an HVAC contractor, pricing and quality lecturer, and database designer for contractors, I can bring extensive background, understanding and experience to your building trades or other contracting writing projects.

Blog Posts for Architecture, Engineering, Construction hired me to write three blog posts per week for their blog Line Meets Curve. The posts at that link which I’ve written are credited to me by name.  Their product is an online project management collaboration tool.  My niche was to write about the process from the point of view of the involved contractors, due to my previous experience in the contracting industry.

In this case, I’m writing posts about the issues that cause cost overruns and communication problems on complex construction projects.  My client’s product helps to promote better communication on the job, and thus is effective at cutting costs.  I post directly to their WordPress blog.

When I write regular ongoing blog posts, my procedure is to set up Google Alerts and to seek out RSS feeds to provide me with current and daily updates on the subject matter about which I’m blogging.  I gather the material, consider appropriateness and then write posts using these other sites, articles and blog posts as references and springboards to commentary that promotes the interests of my client.