DotWriter Review

Actually, this is going to be short and sweet.  I started putting some articles on DotWriter because they weren’t selling on Constant-Content, and some that I wrote for DotWriter.  It became obvious that their traffic is quite small compared to Constant-Content, as articles languished on the site for ages without selling, even at low prices.

DotWriter takes a smaller cut off the top, but it’s more than offset by the lower prices offered there and the light traffic that depresses sales.  When I became concerned about some articles on the site having long lifespans and becoming somewhat out of date, I realized that, unlike at Constant-Content, I couldn’t edit or download them for updating.

Worse, repeated requests to support for some explanation or the ability to remove them were greeted with silence.  I can’t get them to respond to requests to remove or reduce the price of out-of-date articles.

I would recommend sticking with the more highly-trafficked Constant-Content site, even with the higher fees.  At least there you still own your articles, can remove them, or you can edit them as necessary to make them more saleable.  As far as getting any response to a serious challenge to  DotWriter policies and procedures, you’re more likely to meet Santa Claus at the North Pole.

Grammarly as a Business Partner

I’ve been a freelance writer for more than 15 years, and in that time I’ve written millions of words, thousands of blog posts, and dozens of books. Either I have a window open on the side of my word processor documents, or this little G is in the corner of my WordPress post or other online and social media content pieces.

Grammarly tracks my writing as I go, giving me advice and correcting me when necessary; and that’s more often than I like.  Almost all of my work for clients online and in books, reports, and white papers is self-edited, so it’s critical that I do not hear from clients unhappy with spelling, grammar, or sentence structure errors.

My high-income year, while working full time as a real estate broker yielded more than $85,000 in writing income.  While I’ve become less aggressive in seeking work, my annual writing income is consistently between $40k and $60k.  I do not mention this to boast, but more to stress that the cost of my Grammarly Premium annual subscription is tiny compared to the income it helps me to generate.

When I was an HVAC technician, my truck and toolbox were necessary for my trade and income.  As a freelance writer, my knowledge, writing ability, and Grammarly are the tools of my business.  If your writing work product is important to you, and especially if it’s the product that you sell to clients, you want to have the right tools for success.

This post was proofread by Grammarly.

Buy Stock Unique Real Estate Articles for Your Website or Blog

I do plenty of business with clients who hire me for writing projects. However, in my spare time, I also write unique real estate articles for stock sites about real estate, real estate investing, stock market and options trading. Because I do them when I want and on topics I choose, I offer them on a couple of stock article sites at far below the price a client would pay to order the content on a custom basis.

They are all original articles and they are offered on these sites with a “full rights” license, meaning you can use them any way you want, even resell them. and