Extensive business experience in various careers, entrepreneur, CEO, publisher, national speaker, contracting, real estate and more. Real Estate Business Guide Writer for the New York Times Web Site at http://realestate.about.com.

Freelance internet content writer with clients around the country. Have written for LandReport.com, CollegePreneur.com and other print/web entities. SEO experience to support internet content creation for results.


1991-Present – CEO, Owner, Manager, Consultant, Publisher, Speaker
Self employed entrepreneur most of my adult life. Currently a writer with the New York Times web site at http://realestate.about.com and real estate broker, previous positions include:1. Air Conditioning/Heating Contractor
2. Publisher/Copyrights for Contractor Manuals
3. Public speaking to promote products
4. Texas & Colorado Real Estate Broker Licenses

About Me

The quality of writing you receive can be greatly influenced by life and business experience. All my adult working life has been in some form of entrepreneurial endeavor. The experiences gained are invaluable, and they bring an authoritative tone to my writing when it’s business related.

By attempting many things, I’ve gained valuable knowledge that brings depth and breadth to my writing. In one or more careers, I’ve gained knowledge and experience in all of the following areas and subjects:

• Air conditioning, plumbing and heating contracting
• Construction pricing and bidding
• Copyrighted a pricing database for contractors
• CEO of company selling consulting and services to contractors
• National speaker at contracting functions
• Trainer and consultant in quality customer service and QIP
• Studied and implemented Quality Improvement Processes
• Database design for various business enterprises
• PayPal payment systems
• SEO experience with About.com
• Google Certified AdWords Professional
• WebEx WebOffice online database consulting and design
• eCommerce site selling gaming products
• Licensed real estate broker in Texas, Colorado, and now New Mexico
• Consultant to Realtors® on technology for their businesses
• Podcast for Realtors and Mortgage Brokers about Technology
• Blogging about technology for business
• Experience with word processing, database, spreadsheets, and other software products
• Experience with computers, tablet computing, printers, and other hardware
• Digital photography, printing and matting for sale in galleries
• Crafted custom writing pens from exotic woods
• Real Estate Business Guide writer for the New York Times web site at http://realestate.about.com

What is most important is my ability to turn out writing projects ahead of schedule, with no grammar or spelling problems, and to your exact requirements. My quality improvement training will not allow otherwise. I ask more questions than most before bidding projects, as most disputes are not over quality of work, but more about failure to deliver the required product due to misunderstanding of the scope or nature of work required.

My goal is always 100% positive feedback. If I doubt that I can deliver to that standard, I won’t accept a project.


Real Estate Buyer Agency Council, Accredited Buyer Representative
Date Verified: November 14, 2007
Awarded: 2004
ACRE Council, LLC, Accredited Consultant in Real Estate
Awarded: 2007
Natl. Assn. of Broker Price Opinion Professionals, Certified Property Valuator
Date Verified: November 14, 2007
Awarded: 2007
Quality Service Certification, Inc., Quality Service Certified
Awarded: 2006

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