James Kimmons Articles at DotDash Site TheBalance No Longer Original

For more than a decade, I wrote as the Real Estate Business Guide for the New York Times owned About.com site.  I wrote hundreds of articles for real estate agents on how to start and grow their businesses, and also many about real estate investing.

The New York Times sold the site, and it has changed ownership at least one other time, currently owned by DotDash.  I left my contracted position more than a year ago.  It has come to my attention through emails from confused readers of articles with my byline that links have disappeared to supporting documents and spreadsheets for some of my articles.

In checking them on TheBalance site, they show updates after my tenure.  They still use my name as author, but I want readers to know that I can’t guarantee the accuracy or the quality of those articles, as they have been edited by people whose abilities are unknown and at low compensation rates.

Any potential client is free to check my articles there, but I must make it known that it is impossible for me to state that they are original or accurate.

Author: jimkimmons


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