Writing References & Links

Jim Kimmons has been a freelance writer in various business and investment venues for many years.  Here are some of the projects, articles, blogs, websites and books which he has written, either in his name or as a ghostwriter.

Magazines & Books

An article in Energy of the City magazine titled Rethink Remodel.

Jim’s book for first-time homebuyers titled 70 Things First Time Homebuyers Need to Know.

Jim’s book titled Real Estate Agent’s Desk Reference.

Ghost Writing

Book for Scott Yancey (Flipping Vegas) titled Go Time.

Book for Andrew Cordle titled Cash Flow Finish Line.

Book for Doug Clark (Flip Men on Spike TV) titled Big Money: Profit from Today’s Real Estate Market.

Book for Danny Perkins & Drew Levin titled:  Building Wealth: A Guide to Real Estate Profits.

Book about stocks & options trading for Steven Sitkowski titled Trade Like the Pros.

Book for Mitch Zacks titled How to Consistently Beat the Market: Zacks Proven Formula for Making 26% a Year for More Than Two Decades.

Other books for various real estate and investing personalities that are used as promotions for their seminars, etc.

Websites & Blogs

11 years as the Real Estate Business Guide writer for About.com, later changed to TheBalance.com at https://www.thebalance.com/real-estate-4073981.

Huffington Post articles as ghostwriter for Dean Graziosi at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/dean-graziosi.

Blog posts ghostwriter for WebsiteBox.com, a real estate website provider.

Hundreds of articles and blog posts around the Web for businesses, mostly those related to real estate, real estate investing and stock market/options investing.

Buy my Spec articles at ConstantContent.com

Licensed Real Estate Broker – Past licenses in TX and CO, Current in NM


Projects by Topic Category

Biz Articles for Sale (1)     Blogs (11)     Books (11)     Building Trades (2)

Consumers (10)     Conventional (3)     Copywriting (3)

Current Projects (2)      General Business (3)    Grandiloquence (6)

Internet (14)    Investors (5)     Marketing (10)     Photography (2)

Print Media (9)     Real Estate (16)     Realtors (8)     Self-Help (6)

SEO – Adwords (5)     Technology (12)     Video (1)

Web Sites (25)      Writing General (7)


Buy Stock Unique Real Estate Articles for Your Website or Blog

I do plenty of business with clients who hire me for writing projects. However, in my spare time, I also write unique real estate articles for stock sites about real estate, real estate investing, stock market and options trading. Because I do them when I want and on topics I choose, I offer them on a couple of stock article sites at far below the price a client would pay to order the content on a custom basis.

They are all original articles and they are offered on these sites with a “full rights” license, meaning you can use them any way you want, even resell them.

Constant-Content.com and DotWriter.com


My Book: The Real Estate Agent’s Desk Reference (READR)

Get it at Amazon

It’s finally put together!  Hundreds of my articles written as a freelance contributor to About.com, now TheBalance.com, is published.  I’ve updated and edited to include more than 500 pages of content exclusively dedicated to how to start, market, grow and manage a successful real estate practice through growth to a brokerage.

There is also a section on Real Estate Investing for both investors and agents who want to work with them.  There are the most articles in this section, simply because many of the calculations and formulas used to value property are in the investing section, though they cover information all real estate professionals should know.  The major category sections in 555 pages of the book are:

  • Real Estate Basics – 63 articles
  • New Agent Fast-Start Tutorials – 27 articles
  • Serving Buyers and Sellers – 40 articles
  • Business Management – 44 articles
  • Marketing Your Real Estate Business – 49 articles
  • Real Estate Transaction Management – 20 articles
  • Technology for Real Estate – 19 articles
  • Real Estate Investing – 81 articles


Support Resources

Purchasers of the book will be learning a lot about tools and resources for task and transaction management, marketing tools and dozens of calculations and valuation tools.  Instead of having to develop them for yourself, the book gives you an email address to send a copy of your purchase/shipping receipt so that my system can automatically send the resources email.  It will contain these resources ready for you to use:

  • Valuation and investment calculation spreadsheets.
  • Task lists to import into task/transaction management tools.
  • CRM, Customer Relationship Management, tools.
  • 107 page PDF eBook “Real Estate Investment Like the Gurus.”
  • eBook PDF “The Ultimate WordPress Real Estate Website.”
  • More resources noted throughout the book.

This is the best gift anyone can give to a new or soon to be new real estate agent, or one struggling to make it through the critical first two years in the business.



Review of Content Gather Writing Website

Perhaps the worst experience I’ve had with a website of any type, my experience in trying to place articles on Content Gather really is far and away my worst customer service experience online.

If you read other reviews, you’ll see many that state that writers uploaded articles only to find their site blocked with an “Account Suspended” message.  I assumed that some people may have had a bad experience, but that the site should want new writers.

I’m already placing spec articles on two other sites, but decided to pull down some older articles listed on another site and place them on Content Gather to see if a different audience would find them of interest.

That was Sunday morning, this morning.  It’s now Sunday night and I just checked the site to find my account suspended without explanation.  This site is a trap and should be avoided at all cost if you’re a writer who wants to sell their work on article sites.  I suggest you use Constant-Content and Dot Writer.  They’re reputable and you will not be abused as I and many others have been by Content Gather.

**UPDATE:  The articles were uploaded to a different site this morning (Monday July 29), and all have been approved and are up for sale.**

Grammarly as a Business Partner

I’ve been a freelance writer for more than 15 years, and in that time I’ve written millions of words, thousands of blog posts, and dozens of books. Either I have a window open on the side of my word processor documents, or this little G is in the corner of my WordPress post or other online and social media content pieces.

Grammarly tracks my writing as I go, giving me advice and correcting me when necessary; and that’s more often than I like.  Almost all of my work for clients online and in books, reports, and white papers is self-edited, so it’s critical that I do not hear from clients unhappy with spelling, grammar, or sentence structure errors.

My high-income year, while working full time as a real estate broker yielded more than $85,000 in writing income.  While I’ve become less aggressive in seeking work, my annual writing income is consistently between $40k and $60k.  I do not mention this to boast, but more to stress that the cost of my Grammarly Premium annual subscription is tiny compared to the income it helps me to generate.

When I was an HVAC technician, my truck and toolbox were necessary for my trade and income.  As a freelance writer, my knowledge, writing ability, and Grammarly are the tools of my business.  If your writing work product is important to you, and especially if it’s the product that you sell to clients, you want to have the right tools for success.

This post was proofread by Grammarly.

James Kimmons Articles at DotDash Site TheBalance No Longer Original

For more than a decade, I wrote as the Real Estate Business Guide for the New York Times owned About.com site.  I wrote hundreds of articles for real estate agents on how to start and grow their businesses, and also many about real estate investing.

The New York Times sold the site, and it has changed ownership at least one other time, currently owned by DotDash.  I left my contracted position more than a year ago.  It has come to my attention through emails from confused readers of articles with my byline that links have disappeared to supporting documents and spreadsheets for some of my articles.

In checking them on TheBalance site, they show updates after my tenure.  They still use my name as author, but I want readers to know that I can’t guarantee the accuracy or the quality of those articles, as they have been edited by people whose abilities are unknown and at low compensation rates.

Any potential client is free to check my articles there, but I must make it known that it is impossible for me to state that they are original or accurate.